Hi and welcome to SurveysNCash.com. My name is Meka and I want to tell you how you can get paid real cash for taking online surveys. I’ve been getting paid for my opinions since 2008 and would like to share my experience with you so that you can also earn extra cash from home in your spare time by taking simple surveys.

Why Take Online Surveys?

Unlike many other methods generating extra money online, taking surveys does not require:

Monetary investment – There’s no startup costs, hidden fees, or membership costs. It’s a free opportunity that can help you earn real money. $0 investment, 100% profit!

Special skills – You don’t need to have a resume, college degree, or a certain set of skills to make money. If you are using this website, then you know how to operate a computer and get on the Internet. And that makes you more than capable of taking an online survey.

You’ll be able to make extra money from home, for free, whenever you want, and enjoy some of the perks that come along with being a paid survey panelist such as:

Getting Started

All you need to do to get paid for taking surveys is register with free survey companies, fill out your member profiles, and wait for paid survey opportunities to show up in your email inbox.

Each time you are invited to take a survey, you’ll be notified via email. The survey invitation will include information about the topic of survey, amount you will earn for taking the survey, estimated length of the survey, and how to access the survey so that you can complete it.

You will earn rewards for each survey that you qualify for and complete. The more you take, the more you will make. But since you won’t qualify for every survey, it’s best to join several different survey sites to open up more paid survey opportunities and increase your earning potential.

Finding Legitimate Survey Companies

In order to take advantage of this opportunity, you need to find a few survey companies to join. These companies connect you with paid survey opportunities and pay you for your participation.

You could easily go on the Internet, search for “list of legit cash survey sites”, and join the sites that you encounter during your search. The problem is that your search could, and probably will, bring up websites that list survey sites that don’t pay you real money for taking surveys and worse – disreputable sites and those that aren’t free to join.

If you’ve never heard of this opportunity before today or know very little about it, you could easily join one of these sites without knowing and waste your precious time or money.

You must rely on a reputable source of information, provided by someone who has real experience and first-hand knowledge within this industry – like me for an example. How can anyone tell you about the best survey sites if they have never joined a survey site to begin with?

Truth is, a lot of websites on the Internet providing information about paid surveys don’t have your best interest in mind and only want to deceive you and profit from your lack of knowledge about this opportunity. But you have arrived here, at SurveysNCash.com, where you can find reliable information about legitimate online survey sites.

Top Survey Sites That Pay Cash

I’ve taken surveys on a lot of sites. Some were a complete waste of time (lack of surveys, poor pay for surveys, etc,) and some were winners (decent pay, good frequency of surveys, and cash payments). Below, you will discover the winners. These are the sites that I recommend beginners join first.

All of them: